Popular Posts Widget for Blogger


This morning, a friend asked me about popular posts widget for Blogger platform. In the past I have tested some tools to create such widgets but unfortunately none worked well. Even up to now, I can't find a good method to easily create a popular posts widget.

What I have in my sidebar (Top 10 Popular Articles) is actually not a popular posts widget, but just a widget-like. I created it manually using HTML/JavaScript gadget and I used Google Analytics to know which of my contents are popular. If you are interested in creating such popular posts widget-like, you can try this method.

First, you need to sign up to Google Analytics or other website monitoring service, which can show your popular contents. I suggest that free service from Google because it is free yet offering advanced statistics. There, you can get the top contents using this path: visit Google Analytics >> Accass Analytics >> View Report (on your blog) >> View Report (on Content Overview) >> View full report (on Top Contents).

Afterward, Login to blogger. Access Dashboard >> Layout >> Page Elements, then click Add a Gadget. If you are not experienced in coding HTML / Javascript, you can use Link gadget to manually add your popular posts. I personally prefer using HTML/JavaScript gadget because I can have more control on the appearance of the widget.

You know folks, there is a time when you can't rely much on automatic widgets and you have to do something yourself manually to get it right. Let me know if you need further assistance :)