Top Earning Blogs - Make Money Online Blogging

I just read a great post written by Michael Dunlop ( titled "Top Earning Blogs - Make Money Online Blogging". There, he listed the top 30 blogs that make a lot of money online. You should read it, because it will pump your motivation and spirit in blogging activity, especially if you want to earn some money from it. Here is an excerpt from the list:

Rank Website Owner Monthly Earnings Main Income
Techcrunch Michael Arrington $200,000 Advertising Banners
Mashable Pete Cashmore $180,000 Advertising Banners
Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $140,000 Advertising Banners
Gothamist Jake Dobkin $80,000 Pay Per Click
Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes $80,000 Affiliate Sales
Venture Beat Matt Marshall $62,000 Pay Per Click
Life Hacker Nick Denton $60,000 Advertising Banners
Tuts Plus Collis Taeed $55,000 Advertising Banners
Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman $50,000 Advertising Banners
Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina $45,000 Pay Per Click

Don't you like that amount of money from your blogs? I bet you are. So, check out the post for more of these sites. You can visit and learn each of those sites' monetizing strategies and apply it to your own blogs. You can also bookmark or save-page the post for future viewing and learning.