Light Fixtures: Farrey's

Have you watched the movie “Lakeview Terrace”? It is an incredibly compelling film, with great looking location setting. On the DVD, I saw that it has a great landscaper team who prepares all the settings behind the scene. They even changed a semi-abandoned house into a real estate with beautiful lighting at night. Recently, I came across an interesting website about light fixtures as well, namely Farrey's. It had many equipments like the ones used in the movie.

On the website, I quickly got interested on the lighting products section, because it reminded me of the film a lot. I also always want to have my own house with nice home lighting someday, both indoor and outdoor. I also liked their kitchen light fixtures; I guessed it would combine with clean and bright wallpaper sweetly.

I stopped looking around for a while and viewed the whole website, from top to bottom. It really had very complete menus and links all over the front page, more than 100 in number I guessed. It must be difficult to set up such website along with its neat appearance.