Web Hosting Choice: A Solid Guide

Web Hosting Choice is a solid research guide to help users choose the right web host for their personal or business website. This trusted website provides simple, easy to follow tables to help users choose the best web-hosting plan that is most suitable for a small site or for a large e-commerce website. Best of all, this greatly informative website, which was established in 2002, is 100% free to access and use.

Its primary table is the top 10 web hosting sites comparison. The value of of price, score (in percentage), set up fee, domain fee, disk space provided, bandwidth limit of data transfer, money back guarantee, and hosting reviews determine the ranks of the web hosting sites. This chart is updated daily, making itself more adaptable to the nature of the internet that is quickly changing. To view the informative chart, click here.

The in-dept comparison chart offer even more detailed information. The criteria and sub criteria of prices, features, email features, scripts, data-center, control panel, customer support, and ratings are compared handsomely here. Advanced users certainly find this both interesting and useful. To view the deeply detailed chart, click here.

This web hosting information center also provides a learning center for novice users. These users can read the FAQ (frequently asked question), quick-start, learn about scams, domains, cheap hosting, bandwidth, dedicated server, colocation, resources, and subscribe to a newsletter to improve their knowledge on web hosting.

As the internet is a huge realm of competition, web-hosting sites also tries to be the best in their field. They try to offer as many as possible, while costing as less as they can. Though this healthy competition is surely beneficial to online society, it will make no difference if people are not well informed of the benefit they can get. Therefore, if you are to use a web hosting service, make sure you visit Web Hosting Choice first. Trust me, it amazes.