Okay Blog: A Unique Blogging Platform

Okay Blog is a unique free blogging platform, because it is powered by Wordpress. The word “Wordpress” here refers to wordpress.org, which is commonly used in professional custom / own domain publishing, not the wordpress.com the free blogging platform with limited and poor features. It is a very interesting idea to have a free blog but with the feature of professional wordpress.org website.

This Free Blog Hosting platform works basically the same as blogger.com and wordpress.com, it provides free publishing platform and free domains hosting in a free package. Therefore, users post articles and edit the template from okayblog.net while their articles will appear in the address: user-blog-name.okayblog.net .

The blog published with this blogging platform is quite comprehensive in feature. They usually have lots of professional buttons and menus. For a handsome example that is minimalist in appearance but rich in feature, click here. For an example of impressive ads integration, click here.

The registration process is principally simple and easy; we just need to fill our username and email address. Afterward, our password will be sent to the registered email address, and we can login and start blogging quickly.

Unfortunately, when I tried to sign up, somehow the registration page stuck. I have filled my account name and existing email address, then I click the “next” button but nothing happened. The page actually loaded but it was not going anywhere. It was still in the same page with the same form, even after trying about eight times with eight page loads.

While Okay Blog actually has the potentiality to be a great blogging platform, it obviously requires the administrators to fix the registration page first. Therefore, new users can remember Okay Blog with their satisfactory blog experience, not ‘stuck’ experience.