Richter Studios

Impression gained from solid presentation is critical in achieving satisfactory results, ranging from gaining humble respects from personals up to winning one million dollars business bids. This is where Richter Studios, one of the pioneers in multimedia services, makes its handsome entrance.

David and Jeremy Richter established this multimedia firm, with the tag-line of “Pioneers in the Golden Age of Multimedia”, in 1997. Though they began as primarily an animation and interactive boutique, now they have grown into a full-service multimedia firm. Their featured services are including five fields: video, web, interactive, design, and photography.

Their Video Production Services are perfect for corporate training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, TV or promotional video, or just to document process and procedures. It includes High-Definition and 4K Filming (5 Times HD Resolution), Scriptwriting, Talent Selection, Editing / Animation, and Nationwide Reach: Shot in 26 states / 9 countries to date.

Their experienced web service offers a wide range of services including Web Design, Web 2.0 Experiences, Flash, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, XHTML, and Content Management.

This multimedia firm, which is located in Chicago Illinois, also helps its clients in interactive services including Custom Desktop Applications, Interactive CD's/DVD's, Interactive Kiosks, Touch screens, and Presentations.

Their design field offers some services including Conceptual Design, Visual Makeovers, User Interface Design, Instructional Design, and Presentation Design.

They also offer a wide range of photographic offerings, including Canon EOS Mark II and III 1DS Photography, Talent Selection, Interiors/Exteriors/Models, Photo retouching, and Nationwide Reach: Shot in 26 states / 9 countries to date.

The astonishing quality of their services is partially reflected in their representative website, . This professional-looking site is carefully designed with fascinating images, HD flash videos, and other interactive elements.

However, the magnificent quality of the videos certainly costs some performance in slow and mediocre connections. Unfortunately, there is no option for potential clients with slow connection to view the website in simpler format, such as ‘all text no image’ format that is faster to load. If those type of visitors opt not to view the image in their browsers, the site becomes harder to use and navigate, because no back up texts of the page contents appears, only the upper bar buttons.

If the website also has special CSS (cascading style sheets) defining how the website will look (and work) without the fancy images while still being informative, then certainly the site is 100% “excellence-committed” to be viewed by everyone from every possible angle. Just like David Richter, Co-Founder & CEO of Richter Studios, said, "It's not how many people you have, it's how many great people you have. We have a world-class team at Richter Studios that is genuinely committed to excellence.”