Best Cheap Web Hosting

I always feel that the current economic recession does not affect the internet much, though I never know for sure. As a blogger, I keep blogging and I like it. I also still want to have my own domain actually, but it is difficult to find a good one, the one I can rely on. The one that if I can run into their office as soon as I face any issue. However, I recently ran to some websites that compare web-hosting packages using charts, to enable people of learning them before deciding which package to use, like the chart of .

I have to admit that it is very interesting to compare these packages in the chart above (Best Cheap Web Hosting). The description says “These are the highest rated Web hosting packages based on our exclusive 4Value Rating System”, sounds solid. In the chart, I can see the columns: Rank, Website Preview, Platform, Monthly Fee, 4Value Rating, Disk Space, Bandwidth, # of Domains. Complete enough, I believe.

However, there is the word “BETA” there that makes me feel curious about the chart. Beta usually refers to a version that is not yet finished. I decided to dig it further. Aha! I found something:

As you can see in the image (click to enlarge), on the bandwidth comparison, below "900000MB" there is only "15MB". I guess this is a typing mistake, because 15MB of bandwidth is barely any use to any website. If this is a typing error, someone has to fix it quickly.

The “900000MB” is also written not in the right grammar rules. Someone has to put a comma every three digit of number there. Therefore, it will appear as “900,000 MB”, which is nicer to look. This is something simple, but it helps users in reading the numbers.

However, I have a tradition for always looking for an “about” page to know a company / website better. If I will work with them or use their service, I want to know them first, otherwise I won’t feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I cannot find one in this site, how sad. It will be much better if an “about” age exists in this site, so a user like me can know the provider of the charts better along with their credibility.

In summary, the chart is principally informative and helpful to online society, but because it is still in beta version, it needs some more work before it will be 100% ready. Afterward, users will find it very useful in choosing the right hosting package for their needs.