How To Get Indexed by Google Fast

Brand new blogs / websites can take up to four weeks to get indexed by Google. After entering Google index, their updates can take up to five days before indexed. With search engine optimizations (SEO), brand new blogs / websites can take only four days to enter the index, while later, their updates are indexed in five minutes. How about yours?

Do you want to get indexed by Google fast and faster? You will need SEO then. Unfortunately, SEO are an advanced science, and some people even consider it something more complicated, namely art. It takes time and energy to understand and master it, and later on apply it. If you don’t have the time to be an SEO expert, just follow these three steps:

Add SEO meta tags

Meta tags are the ID card of your website. It dramatically reduces the amount of time needed by the process of indexing. Meta tags must be placed in head section of a website (not body section). More specific, between and tags, usually in your template.

To view a complete list of meta tags for SEO, click here.

Submit your URL to Google

After submitted, Google will include your URL in a list for the Google-bot to crawl. The bot will then collect some information about your website, and submit it to Google index. If you have added the meta tags, relax.

To submit your URL to Google, click here.

Submit your sitemap to Google

Sitemap is very important for Google in indexing your update, once your site enters its index. After submitted, Google will use your sitemap to monitor the changes of your website. If it finds a change, its bot will collect the new information and add it to Google index.

To submit your sitemap to Google, you need to access Google Webmaster Tools (login). Add your website and verify it as soon as possible. Then choose the menu “Sitemaps” from “dashboard”, and then use the address box to submit your sitemap. Done.


problogger 2u2c said...

i also make eksperiment how long it take to index my new blog

blog-user said...

I also make sitemap, but it not index my first page.

Bolsa de Trabajo said...

If you want to get indexed more fast ping your blog using pingomatic or pingoat.

tina reynolds said...

I have had my blog for about 45 days and my page ranking is still n/a is that normal?

Thanks Tina

Isaac Yassar said...

Hi Tina. Yes it is. By the 5th month I am sure you will get your pagerank. Cheers.