10 CPM Alternatives To Adsense

Though Adsense is highly popular, lots of people find difficulties working with it. How about you? Enjoying their policy of "guilty until proven innocence", which is considered a huge drawback for some people? There is nothing wrong in preparing for the worst. Here is the list of 10 CPM alternatives to Adsense, ranging from the feather up to the heavywheight class:

AdsDaq (no requirement) - This feather class ads company can handsomely backup ads from any network, though only provide ads for specific countries. No free domain please.

Ad Dynamix - (no requirement) - Very interesting minimal requirements, though their customer support is not too excellent. In addition, only for USA citizens.

ValueClick (3,000 pageviews per month) - Known to be a little strict with the type of site approved, but the low minimum requirement is an ease.

Morning Falls (10,000 pageviews per month) - Low traffic requirement, solid customer service, simple implementation, and the reports is easily understood. Nice combo.

CPX Interactive (10,000 pageviews per month) - Nice integration and solid reporting with the cost of strict internal approve. Fulfilling the minimum requirements does not guarrantee the approval.

Burst Media (20,000 pageviews per month) - An intermediate advertising company with advanced integration and report. Advanced can also means complicated for some people.

Casale Media (10,000 unique visitors per month) - Good for established sites, and it handles larger sites as well.

Tribal Fusion (60,000 unique visitors per month) - A solid advertising company, with solid pay scale. It supports hundreds of sites, with lots of categories.

Adtegrity (500,000 pageviews per month) - Well known for its impressive customer support, growing fast and a potential leader in the future advertising field.

Advertising.com (2 million pageviews per month) - Heavyweight class advertising company, tough on the requirement but definitely worth it.