How To Copy From Microsoft Word to Blogger

Ms Word of Microsoft Office is one of the most popular typing softwares. Lots of people use it; some of them are bloggers using Blogspot as their publishing platform. In blogging, it is considered more effective to write a post offline first, and after it is ready to be published, internet connection is plugged / used. Related to Blogger, copying posts from Ms Word to Blogger directly can be tricky without the right methods.

I you have experienced it; you will know that when you copy some text from Ms Word directly to Blogger, a lot of complicated tags / codes in the HTML section are created to handle the transfer. They will cause some problems in setting the article, such as in changing font size, color, etc.

There is a very easy method to overcome this matter. When we copy some texts from Ms Word directly to Blogger, don’t paste it on “compose” but instead, on “edit HTML”. Therefore, Blogger will not create special tags for the texts transferred from Ms Word. Your text will be considered the same as if you write it on “write” section.

In case you need more systematic guide, here they are:
  • Select the text that you want to publish in Blogger from your Ms Word document / file.
  • Right click, choose “copy”, or press ctrl + c in your keyboard.
  • Go to Blogger >> create new post.
  • Click “edit HTML”.
  • Right click on the blank space; choose “paste”, or press ctrl + v on your keyboard.
  • Click “compose”, and you are free to continue from here, no funny tags will be added.
When I started blogging (still fresh newbie), I wrote my posts on Ms Word documents first before publishing them. I copied and pasted directly to “write” section on Blogger. As I have mentioned above, the added funny tags caused the posts to behave strangely, mostly, not responding to some font editing. This is a simple matter, but if we don’t know it, problems arise.


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

great info I was just searching for that. But man when I create frames or tables in Ms word and paste it on the compose tab, it looks exactly the same as in ms-word but when I paste it on edit html tab, the tables disappear, I mean text view completely contradicts the one in ms-word. All subscripts, supercripts etc are taken as simple text.

Plz help


Isaac Yassar said...

@MOHD: For tables and frames you have to paste them in "Compose", and common texts in "edit HTML". For subscript use: <sub> </sub>, and for superscript use <sup> </sup>

World'sNo 1 said...

that was a nice information ..i always do that and i found some errors occurring while posting....thank you for posting useful information's.

March Hare said...

@Mohammed: I would suggest learning the HTML code for tables.

However, also be aware that you can use the MS Word 2007 blog template with Blogger and publish directly to Blogger. If you go that route, though, you will wind up with a lot of extra HTML, VML, etc., that you don't need. So far, it hasn't interfered with anything on my blog, but it does swell the file. The main advantage is that you can get it to mostly look the way you want offline and then publish it when you're online.

Another downside is that some of the fonts don't match 100%, so you may need to go and adjust font sizes.

Anonymous said...

how to copy the tables, image, and other object?

kimmystyle said...

THANK YOU! I had just written out a rather lengthly post and couldn't get blogger to paste it for anything and I ran across this post.
Again, MANY thanks!

Jen said...

Wow! You had just what I needed. Like Kimmystyle I have just churned out a rather lenghty post and for the life of my I could not copy-paste it to my blog.

The funny thing is when I was still using IE6, I actually did not encounter any problems. Today, I upgraded to IE8 from IE7, which was slowing my surfing down, and that's when my problems started. I thought I had to re-write everything!

John said...

Thanks for this info, I thought I was going nuts! 11 months ago I could cut/paste from MS Word to the text box. I haven't changed anything on this computer since then, but an HTML error message when trying to publish.
this solved the problem.
What changed in Blogger in the last 11 months?

John J. Gaynard AL said...

Isaac, thank you. Very useful.

vazambam said...


Let me also offer my thanks for your help--yours is a great blog to find helpful info!

Isaac Yassar said...

You're welcome. Glad to help.

Robbie S. Ward said...

This is incredibly helpful. As a relatively new blogger, I continue to learn quirks to publishing.

Thanks again.

Juango Zalduondo said...

Thanks for that!