Keywords In File Names = Traffic

Search Engines are great sources of traffic, that’s why we need search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are very important parts of it, and they determine the visibility of a website in search results. However, most people do not understand the importance of putting keywords on their posts / page file names, though it is very useful in building search engine traffic. Here is why:

File name is an important consideration when search engines process search queries before showing the results. This proposition might sound not familiar, but we will dig the prove further.

For example, let’s use Google to search the words “best buy car”, and we might find one of the results like this:
Jim’s Best Buy Car
Best of the best buy car in USA. Best price best value.
As you see, the bold words show the matching with the search query, and we can see that the file name is also bold partially (green). It shows that the file name, which is shown as a part of the web address and contain keywords, play a significant role in search results too.

In most blogging / publishing platforms, a file name is named based on the particular post / page title. Therefore, if you want to put keywords in your post file name, you have to choose the title well before publishing it. We can change the title later, but the file name are permanent.

Here’s a trick, use only the post's keywords as the title. Then after publishing it, change the title to a more “attractive” title.

For example, if we want to create a post about parenting skill with the keywords “parenting” and “skill”. Then, when we are about to publish the post, we should give it a title of “Parenting Skill”. Therefore, the file name will be “parenting-skill.html”. Then, to give it a more interesting title, we change the title with “Are You a Good Parent?”. Finally, in search results, it will appear as:
Are You A Good Parent?
Description of the website / post.
Therefore, the title is attractive and the keywords are inside the file name. Sweet.

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