Knowledge of a Master Blogger

Most bloggers posses fiery spirit to write posts in their blogs in different niche, but not all of them have a balanced comparison between their drive on the topic and knowledge on blogging itself. Both bloggers for hobby and life need enough amount of knowledge as a fundament in their activity, which you will have after finishing reading this article. Would you like to know more?

Everyday I learn something new about blogging from various sources. Here, I will share internet’s best of the best articles that I have ever read, which can build your knowledge on blogging massively. If you read some of them, you will have more than enough knowledge as your fundament in blogging. If you read, understand, and apply ALL of them, you will definitely be a master blogger. Here are they:

Choosing a blog platform by Darren Rowse

The Godfather of Blogging, Darren Rowse of, gives great advices to both rookies and advanced bloggers in choosing the right blog platform for them in this post. This is a good start if you are just about to set up a blog (or a new one).

This article explains that the best blogging platform is depending on your situation and condition. The best for one does not always the best for the others.

For me, the best is still Blogspot, since I have “limited resource”, which stopped me from buying my own domain and theme combined with the free Wordpress publishing platform. If you are short in money but rich in ideas and determination, use Blogspot.

32 Great Links to Build Your Blogging Knowledge by Pugnacious Irishman

This marvelous post contains 32 great links, while each of them will direct you to an awesome post about blogging, which will give incredible amount of knowledge to you surely. The topics are ranging from commenting secret up to back links tips and trick. It will obviously take a long time to finish reading all of them, but it’s definitely worth it.

How to Create Real Value by Steve Pavlina.

If you ever wonder, whether your contents deliver real value to your visitors or not, this post is the answer. Once you understand the soul of this long post, you will not fail in blogging, soon or later you will earn yourself success. How? Just read the post, catch the essences and you will know what I'm talking about. Don’t forget to fulfill the 2 Requirements of Definite Success though, you need them.

Delivering real value will sustain the blood flow of your blog, which means keeping it alive by attracting visitors continuously. It is very helpful in your blogging activity, no matter whether you do it just for hobby or for your life. In blogging, you want to get audience reading your posts, and this post is your best guru in doing it.

How to Make Money from Your Blog by Steve Pavlina.

This post will not only guide you to be a successful professional blogger, but also to be a conscious human with qualified personality and determination. In this astonishing article, Steve shares all his strategy in monetizing his blog from the earliest part of his struggle up to now.

Don’t get it wrong, this post is not about money, this post is about you; how to make yourself good enough and gain yourself the ability to make your blog generate money for you. Money is only the fruit of a plant named you. That is the importance of self-development, better person earns better.

It’s very long, about 7000 words perhaps, but certainly worth it. So, don’t rush to finish reading it, since it contains valuable knowledge all over the article. I enjoyed reading them part by part, as well as understanding the essences systematically.

Hey, that’s tons of reading!

Quality costs. If you want to posses a great personal quality and knowledge plus the ability to be a successful blogger, it will cost you time and effort. My advice, save page or bookmark each of the articles and read them in your spare time. I personally save some of them inside my hardisk, so I can read them repeatedly, even when my internet connection is down.

If you say "Oh I want to publish a blog right now and generate a million dollar from it so I can buy myself fancy clothes and sexy shoes like Paris Hilton YAY!", You don't need any blog, you need some personality :D

What do you think of these links? And if you think that the provided links above are not good enough and you have something better, please, don't hesitate to share it here.