How To Build Traffic

Traffic is the heartbeat of every website in the internet. Decent traffic are needed to keep a website survive professionally. If you want to earn income online, you need traffic to view and click your ads. If you are a writer, you need traffic to make your work acknowledged. If you offer some services, you need traffic to make people know your services and use them later. Here are some proven tips to build traffic.

Good Contents

Contents make your website’s reputation. You put good contents there, your website become famous. You put bad contents there, your website will be forgotten. Visitors will come back if they like your website, probably bringing their friends along too.

Good contents are contents that are useful to your visitors. In other words, they have to deliver some value to people / visitors.

The values of contents themselves are ranging from weak to strong one. Strong value delivers the real impact to traffic increasement. However, creating strong value is much harder than the weaker one.

The definitions of strong and weak value itself are sometimes in blurry fog. However, according to Steve Pavlina, weak value means that the contents are helpful to people but not long lasting, like one time help. In the other hand, strong value means that the contents can change someone’s life, and the effect is long lasting.

Weak values are usually more realistic, and something that is easy applied. Like how tos, tips and tricks, DIY, etc. While strong values are mostly a little bit more absurd, imaginary, and harder to apply. Such as about self development, leadership, soft skills, etc.

Sometimes people wonder how to deliver strong value, it’s seems very hard but also very easy. Just keep trying to deliver value, and don’t think about the strength of your value itself. Do everything your can to help others and soon or later, you will deliver strong value.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines are massive sources of traffic. That is why you should get along well with it. It will give you traffic even when you don’t expect it, from where you never expect it to come. All you need to do is be friendly to them.

To make your website more search engines friendly, you have to do what people call search engine optimizations (SEO). SEO are the attempts to make a website indexed by search engine quickly and accurately, so it’s visibility in search results will be better and deliver more traffic.

For a brand new website, SEO are done in three methods: adding meta tags, search engines submissions, and modifying robots.txt . For more details, please visit How to Do Free SEO yet Gaining Great Results.

For established website, SEO are done by maintaining the meta tags. Meta tags are codes that explain the content / data of a website. These codes will be the first ones that is read by search engines crawler bots in your website. In simple, meta tags are the ID card of a website.

Crawler bots are the bots of search engines that function to update their index of the internet. Everyday they will always visit many-many websites and follow many-many links. If you want your contents to be indexed quickly and frequently, you better welcome them.

Besides doing it yourself, you can also use the service of SEO Service Company. If you have plentiful resource, their expertise should be useful in making your website more search engine friendly.

Social Media Network

Social media are the growing phenomena of this decade. Their popularity has been increasing more and more. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Blogcatalog, Myspace, Reddit, Delicious, etc are the ones that are familiar with online businesspersons and bloggers.

If you use it right, social media can be a decent source of traffic. What you need to do is building a healthy network around you. Then you can share your thoughts, ideas, links, or posts there. Your network will follow your links and posts and give you more traffic.

However, each social media has different characteristics and users. You need to find the right one for you and your website. For example, Digg gets along well with unique / strange news and offbeat topics. If you write about how tos or personal development, it will be a little difficult for you to make it there.

In addition, belonging to many social media can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on building a natural and healthy network on one social media that suits you. Belong to all 40 major social media with weak network around you is not a wise choice.