How To Make A Shining First Impression

This article will share you how to establish a successful communication by providing a marvelous first impression, which is very useful for you no matter what your field is. I've try this myself and it works really nice. Interested? Read on..

Shining first impression is very useful in every field of life, from daily gossip up to presidential speech. In every types of delivering messages, first impression has a significant importance, since it functions as a kick-start of the success of the overall communication itself. The brighter the light of the first impression, the more likely the communication will be successful.

I learned it recently, when I ran into a magnificent article "Create Your Elevator Speech" by Terry Dean. Once I finished reading it, I gain myself a new knowledge and skill. A few days following, I practiced it a bit, and then I tried to apply it. I have been applying it up to now, and I guess it will stick with me for the rest of my life.

In the title, the business coach refers the term "elevator speech" as a short utterance that contains tasty first impression, which can be used in every type of public speaking, in front of either a crowd or a coward. However, the term is closely related to salesmen or businessmen whose success requires a good skill in building communications, offering their service in a memorable yet enjoyable methods.

Since I'm not belong to both of types, I adapted it in my blogging and writing activity. It was not hard and worked really impressive. So whatever your field, I'm sure you can use this man's advice to forge yourself a new skill, with a little bit of adaptation of course. And once you have master it, it will benefit you for the rest of your life. May be in afterlife too, I don't know :D

In the articles, Terry stated that you have to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds, in order to build a successful communication. If you fail, people will start to lose their concentration and feel boredom.

Terry also states that to produce a significant first impression, you must not focus on yourself, instead, inform how you can benefit people. They will likely to be interested in knowing what you can do for them rather than knowing who you are.

Here is an example of his elevator speech:
"I’m Terry Dean and I help business owners and professionals earn more, work less, and enjoy life! Many business owners are frustrated because they work long hours, have little time off, and earn low income. They’ve lost their passion and excitement for life. I train, consult, and coach them in 10 key strategies proven to increase profits and reduce workload in any business. Would you like to know more?"
Here is the basic outline of the experienced man utterance:
  • Unique Benefit Sentence
  • Explain the pain (you learned this in your customer research).
  • Tell them how you solve the pain.
  • Call to action – ask them if they want more information or know someone who might
Above is only some part of Terry's article, I only paraphrase some of the most interesting points according to my own preference. He still has plenty of examples to make people realize the importance of first impression, and how to successfully apply it. Please visit the original post for more detail.

Do you find this article useful? Do you have any suggestion how to make a decent first impression that I and Terry haven't mentioned? Feel free to share.