Why You Should Never Trust 100%

OpeningLet me tell you one of my bad experience which taught a good lesson. Once I have a friend named Dean (not the real name). I met him about two years ago. He was my former junior back in my college. We got along pretty well. He often came visiting my lodging house. Sometimes we hanged out in our campus from morning until afternoon, talking almost about everything. We formed a music band. I played electric guitar and he played bass. We became best friends.

I believed in him, almost 100%. That was why I teach him some musical theory when he asked me to. He wanted to be a guitarists. He also often practiced playing guitar in my room. He planned to open a guitar course, once he had mastered the theory. As a best friend, I did not mind supporting his idea.

Then, one night, he became a manager of a music band. The band was good. They were going to compete in an audition for music festival. When the audition was about to start, Dean came to my lodging house. Since I had nothing else to do at that moment, I went with him to the audition. There he introduced me to the members of the band, three girls and two boys. Then the audition was started and I just hanged around. After it was finished, I went home and went to bed.

In my sleep, I dreamed about one of the girl in the band. I was sure I did not had any crush on her, but in there we became lovers. When I woke up, I started to think whether the dream was merely a meaningless dream or a sign. Then I decided to ask her number to Dean, in order to check whether my dream was in concordance with the reality or not. I planned to send her SMS. If her response was not too welcoming, then the dream was only a common dream. If her response was welcoming, then the dream was a sign.

I was so surprised that Dean did not want to give me the number. He said he would feel guilty to do it, since he had no permission to do it. I understand his reason well. Then I offer him that I would admit to the girl that I had stolen the number from his hand phone, so the girl would not blame him as it was not his fault, so he would not get involved. He did not respond, showing that he was unwilling to help me out. I was shocked. I thought he would did it for me since I was his best friend and I had done him a lot of favor.

I did not want the number so much, but the un-returned favor was beyond my acceptance. That was an act of betrayal. I was also not too fond of being used by others. It was hard for me to believe that my best friend was taking some advantage from my kindness. However, I respected his right of making decision whether to give the number or not. At the same time, I used my right to take some distance from him and stop giving him any more favor. I lost a best friend.

Audience, I'm telling you this hoping that you might learn one or two things without need to taste the bitterness of betrayal itself. We must be careful in trusting someone. Since trust is a prediction of reliance in action, we should balance between using our instinct and reasoning in putting trust on a proper person. We are advised not to hurry in trusting, just let time flow to reach significant measurement. It is to avoid putting it on the wrong one. Or to avoid lending your money to the wrong one :D

Having best friends does not mean we can 100% trust them. Trusting someone is good. But having 100% trust means that we are not prepared for the worst possibilities, such as betrayal. When act of betrayal happen, we will not be ready to face it, resulting in painful feeling, losing money, or even death. As a conscious persons we must be ready for everything. The one who regret is the one who does not prepares.

However we cannot live without trust, as mankind is a social creature. We are supposed to work together in solving problems, a field which requires trust. Without team working, may be mankind will not survived up to now. 0% of trust in society will psychologically make us feel uncomfortable or threatened by our surrounding. We also need to trust ourselves, since it highly influencing toward our level of confidence, which is required to behave properly in the society. However 100% of trusting yourself means your head is bigger than the rest of your body :D

In family, trust is very important. Lacking of trust can easily destroy the holy bond of a marriage. A harmonic family which is full of love will influence the ability of trusting of the children. A broken home child will find it more difficult to trust others, and later, a marriage. As their memory of marriage is so much disastrous, their metaphysical consciousness will reject it. It seems to be a natural instinct of protecting one self from being in a bad situation.

Trust is not easy to get but very easy to lose. Once lost, it will be very difficult to regain. We must be careful in keeping trust, ours or others'. We should not betray our agreement with others as it can result in a lost of trust. We should also see to it that our agreement with others' are not being violated. We should do this in every field in our life, to retain our security of being compromised. The one who does not see a betrayal coming is a blind one.

Wise trusting is needed in the skill of working together / team playing. It will ensure the harmony of the team's synergy. In an office / company, trust is needed to form a good flow of overall cooperation. Bad / broken trust will become an obstacle in reaching a company's target / profit. Extreme lack of trust will prevent the company from developing, as the ideas of improvement will always be tackled just because no trust is merely there. In your daily job, trust is money :D

Lastly, proverb said that to trust is to bet, no matter how wise you are, luck is the king once everything is set. Merry Christmas!