New Template: Rounders

Hi people!

Long time no visit here. Well, now I've just changed the template of this blog, from Minyx to Rounders.

Minyx was a nice template, untill its author became inactive in PhotoBucket and they suspended his images.

I actually didn't plan to change the template and just wait until the author goes back to PhotoBucket and the template will be normal again. However, Google Analytics informs me that many people still access my posts here everyday and this blog is almost unreadable thanks to the image of "Account Inactive" from PhotoBucket all over the blog.

So today I changed the template to Rounders, one of my favorite Blogger default templates. It doesn't look as good as Minyx but at least people can read it comfortably and get the information they are coming here for. And with the images in my posts, I think it's not that bad looking.

By the way, I also simplify the sidebar and remove everything but some widgets that I consider very important.

I hope you like it. Cheers!


Powen said...

long tmime no see,how about you?
It'looks sample.but,i love it.

Best regards,

Isaac Yassar said...

Hi Powen.

I'm fine thanks. Yeah this Rounders is simple but neat and comfortable to read. I like it too.

Btw what do you think of my newer own-domain blog (GoBlogger)?

Video Marketing said...

Hey man I had the same problem, but I went and redownloaded the template and reuploaded it on my blog. everything is back to normal now :)