My Motorcycle Brake Survey

This morning I went to a few parts shops to survey the prices of new brakes for my motorcycle. My current brakes, both front and rear, are very poor in performance. They are 5 years old and now very 'slippery'. I've gone to some garages but none can fix them good. Then yesterday the idea to change the parts with brand new ones suddenly flashed inside my head.

I want to use a new (and bigger) disc for my front brake and change my rear brake into a disc type with two pistons. From the survey, I have this prediction that it will cost me about $100 (for both of the brake). If I change the caliper of the front brake, it will have an additional cost of about $50.

I actually don't like modifying my motorcycle too much. I just want it to be functional and safe in high speed riding, which I often do.