LifeGarner: An Accident

Last week, one of my friends, D, experienced a bad thing. He was driving a motorcycle in a highway when he made a mistake in pulling over. It caused an accident involving a lady, though none of them got seriously injured.

My friend, realizing that he had made a mistake, stopped and tried to be responsible toward the lady. However, there was a group of thugs near the spot that saw the accident, who actually had nothing to do with the accident. They quickly cornered and blamed D, and then hit and kicked him fiercely. He got injured because of that.

This bad experience reminds of being more careful on the highways and not to get emotional with other people's business. Having numbers and strength does not justify any group to act as they like, such as hurting someone who tries to be responsible for his mistake. I hope the law arrest and process the thugs soon, so they won't hurt anyone else.