6 Proven Formulas Of Killer Headlines

You are absolutely right if you think that titles are the most important part of articles. No matter how valuable the content of an article is, if a poor headline shades it, the potency will be buried deep. You need more than mere representing titles, which clearly reflect your contents well. You need titles that sell; you need titles that seize the attention of your visitors: killer headlines.

Immersing and interesting titles cannot be explained by mathematics, you have to feel it. Feel their dignity and elegance calling you to see them in details. Usually, after reading lots of articles in the net, a blogger will be able to feel which titles are more selling than the others are. Further, these special titles have some formulas and formats. While there is nothing about them needs explanation, you need to feel it to understand it. Here are six of the proven formulas:

1. " HOW TO... "

The word 'how to' attract readers' curiosity in a positive way, as it naturally gives a better image for your potential readers. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • Parenting
  • How To Be A Good Parent

2. " THE SECRET OF... "
A secret is something that most people do not know, that is why they will get interested by it. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • Making Money Online
  • The Secret Of Making Money Online

'Truth' and 'behind' suggest hidden facts that are finally revealed, and people love revealed truth. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • MLM Fraud
  • The Truth Behind MLM Fraud


Questions make your visitors think. Once they start thinking, they start to get involve with your discussion. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • Spamming
  • Are You A Spammer?

5. [ NUMBERS] ...
Numbers draw a specific image about something in readers imagination. It is good for your articles obviously. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • Quitting Your Job
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

6. [Do Something] LIKE [Famous Example]
Fame can easily catch the spotlight. And there is nothing wrong in using someone's fame to positively help your articles in getting the attentions you seek. Now feel and compare these titles:
  • Public Speaking
  • Speak In Front Of Public Like Barrack Obama

So, which of the headlines are more interesting to you? Most of you will answer the second titles (of each category) surely. Now if you have felt them, go use them on your articles. Cast a spell to your readers so they cannot resist reading your articles, once they have read your compelling titles.