The Secret Of Invisible Link Exchange

Do you realize that careless link exchange seriously hurts your image? Therefore, if you are to do lots of link exchanges to strengthen your pagerank, you need to know the secrets of invisible link exchange well. With it, you can place as many irrelevant links as you want, without being fear of hurting your brand. Interested?

Invisible link exchange is done simply by providing a link without any text inside it. In other words, it is actually not a link, but only an anchor tag.

This is the scheme of a normal link:

<a href="the URL of the destination">Link text</a>

This is the scheme of an invisible link:

<a href="the URL of the destination"></a>

This is an example of some invisible link exchange codes:

<!-- Invisible Link Exchange Section -->
<a href="the URL of the destination 1"> </a>
<a href="the URL of the destination 2"> </a>
<a href="the URL of the destination 3"> </a>
<a href="the URL of the destination 4"> </a>
<!-- Invisible Link Exchange Section -->

Best locations to put your invisible link exchange are in your main page and in your template. Your main page has the strongest vote to others, in term of page rank, thus making your invisible link exchange more effective and compelling. Don't forget your template, as it is used in all your pages. Therefore, it is a handsome place for invisible link exchange as well.

Invisible link exchange is 100% legal, as it does not try to deceive any visitors to click on a link, when they think it leads to a destination while it leads to another. Invisible link exchange is not viewable to your visitors, but follow-able to search engine bots.

To notify your invisible link exchange partners, you can ask them to view your page source and find your invisible link exchange section (using their browser's find tool). After they find their invisible link there, they will know that you have fulfilled your part of agreement. This method is vice verse between you and your partners.

Invisible link exchange is dramatically useful in building your page rank, while it does not bring any traffic to you. Therefore, you should not expect any traffic from it. That is why it is wise to have both the normal and invisible link exchanges.

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