How To Remove Blogspot From Blogger Blog

"How to remove blogspot from Blogger blog?" Well that is an awkward but interesting question. However, some visitors did asked me this question. Then I assume that the meaning of the question was about removing from (free blogging with Blogger). Here are some tricks to deal with the question.

Before we start, as a background information, Blogger is only a free publishing platform, and you need a domain to work with it. To provide free blogging experience, Blogger uses Blogspot as the free domain. So when you sign up with Blogger, you can get a free domain like .

Back to topic, if you want to remove the from your address, you can use some of these methods:

Use your own domain / move your current blog to your own domain. For this, you can get a more professional web address like . However, you need to pay for such address.

If you want a free domain (but not blogspot), you can use and friends. They will provide you with a free domain (or domains). Then you can move your blog to this free address.

However, there are some drawbacks of doing this. You see, Blogger (Blogspot) provide their users unlimited traffic and storage, but the domains above do not. Each of them will have some specific bandwidth and storage limits for you to deal with. In addition, you have to pay for them.

If you already have enough concern beside storage + bandwidth and still want a free method, you can use domain redirection services, like or (etc). They only provide redirection service, without storage. They also have no bandwidth limit.

However, they need the original address ( intact to function. Therefore, besides having the address you will also have or else. Both addresses will be accessible, and you can introduce your / address everywhere you want (instead of

If you want to use a domain redirection service, I’d suggest because they have the feature of path forwarding. It enables every file address to be used with the new domain. For example: will be the same with . This will be useful when you need to put permalinks (permanent links) in carnivals or else.