Blogger Versus Wordpress

Is Blogger better than Wordpress? On the other hand, is Wordpress better than Blogger? Well, the answer depends on various things. However, both are good in some situations. The real question is which one is suitable for you and your situation? Lets dig it deeper, shall we? is perfect when you want to publish a blog without spending any money. As a free blogging platform, its features are very complete. You can edit almost all aspect of your blog, from simple sidebar gadgets up to its XML template.

Blogger uses free Blogspot domain as the address of its free blogs. Actually, the domain is only a subdomain of Blogspot, like Both, which does the same giant Google own, work together to deliver free blogging experience for their users.

On the other hand, Wordpress, which is also a popular brand, refers to two services: the famous free publishing platform, and the free blogging platform. is perfect when you want to publish a blog / website using your own domain. You will need to spend money on the domain, but itself is free. This publishing platform is also very easy to set and maintain.

Wordpress uses registered domain for its websites / blogs, which is not coming in a package with the free platform. Users have to register for the address manually first, before using the platform. is a free blogging platform, like . However, the features are much limited than Blogger’s. Here, people cannot easily add any gadget and edit the appearance / template. Users will also have to pay if they are going to edit the CSS (cascading style sheet) to enhance the appearance of their blog.

Those unpopular policies causes an argument that disallow its blogs to be used for commercial purpose arise, something that is allowed in Blogger. It is believed to be causing’s inability to compete with

After all, everything has its own strength and weakness. Both and is good in some situation and condition. If you want o use your own domain, use If you want free things, go use since it will provide much more feature than