Different Keywords For Different Blogger Posts

As in any other blogging platform, important meta tags such as keywords can be implemented in Blogger / Blogspot to obtain better performance related to search engines indexing. The problem is, people write different posts that focus on different keywords, though still in the same topic. It makes using common / overall keywords does not support every posts to perform optimally in search results. That is why it is better to put different keywords in different posts. Would you like to know more?

In blogspot, the easiest way to add some meta tags is by putting them in the template of your blog. However, when you put some keywords tags there, it goes to all of your posts since all of them use the same template.

For example, if you run a blog about computer hardware and you use some keywords like processor, RAM, VGA, cooler, hardisk, casing, etc, these keywords will be used for all of your posts. If you write a post titled “How to install a VGA”, then most of those keywords are inaccurate and useless. Their effect is more destructive for the particular post itself rather than constructive.

The keywords are good in representing the blog in overall, but poor in describing each posts’ unique contents. We must remember, people use search engines not to look for websites, but to find specific contents that are matching their current need. Therefore, instead of writing “a good website about computer hardware” in search queries, people tend to write “how to install a processor” or “how to replace a VGA”.

Back to the tags, normally, Blogger / Blospot will not allow you to put different keywords meta tags inside your posts, because they should be located in head section of the page (your post are in body section). You can force to put meta tags inside your post by not heeding the warning when Blogger refuse to publish the post (opt to ignore HTML mistake / error). This forcing does not guarantee to work well, as they forbid it for a good reason surely. However, most blogger are also already having so many posts that it’ll kill them to add the keywords to each post manually.

To improve each post visibility in search results, there is a simple yet effective method: using your post title as the keywords. They will not be as good as adding keywords to each of the posts manually, but it is much more accurate than using overall keywords in the template. This idea might sound odd, but shouldn’t each of your posts’ titles represent each of your contents?

To use your posts' titles as your keywords, you only need to add these codes in the head section of the template, between <head> and </head> (access it from dashboard - layout - edit HTML):

<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' name='keywords' />

Save it, and done. After this step, each of your posts will have their own unique keywords. Note that this line of codes is not stacking with normal keywords meta tags such as:

<meta content=’keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3' name=’keywords’ />

It means that you cannot use both of them at the same time. If put together, the first codes (using title codes) will override the second ones, and keyword 1-3 will not be taken into consideration by Google and friends.

To test your changes, you can use free meta tags analyzer such as seocentro.com and see their professional opinion regarding the new tags. From my simple research, using posts' titles as keywords delivers better outcome, unless your title is awfully irrelevant to its content of course :D

If you would like to try this method and having any doubt, don't doubt the technique, but doubt your ability to make representing titles for your posts.

If you think your titles are not representing your overall keywords well enough, add some more keywords in the description meta tags (put it in your template):

<meta content=’bla bla bla, more and more keywords, bla bla bla' name=’description’ />

For more lists of meta tags for SEO, please visit Mega-Maximum Meta Tags For SEO

Do you know a better and easier method to do this? Do you find any difficulties in applying it? Feel free to share.