How To Create Good Blogger Posts File Names

Good posts file names are important because they are taken into search engines’ consideration, regarding the keywords they contain. In building decent titles that are good enough in representing contents, long titles are sometimes inevitable. The problem is, Blogger / Blogspot only support a maximum of 40 characters (including spaces) in your posts file names. How to construct long and representing titles but with shorter file names (which contain all the keywords needed)? Read on.

In Blogger / Blogspot, posts titles are used to name the related post files (.html), when the posts are published (not updated). The file names are permanent, and cannot be changed after publications, nor through updates. If your representing titles are more than 40 characters, Blogger / Blogspot will only use the first 40 characters for the file names.

For example, I published an article with the title “How to Remove Links: Newer Post, Home, and Older Post (Blogger)” (63 characters). Then Blogger / Blogspot automatically created the HTML file name of “how-to-remove-links-newer-post-home-and.html” (40 characters). Doesn’t sound too good, does it?

As you can see, the file name above is not containing the full version of the post’s keywords (remove, newer post, home, older post). Therefore, it will not performing well in search engines’ index and search results. For optimal performance, we need titles that contain all the keywords, which represent the contents.

Also, you can see that Blogger / Blogspot automatically transfer spaces to – in order to separate the words in file names. This is good to adapt with search engines, since the – will separate one keyword with another. Therefore, our duty is only constructing good file names for our posts.

To do that, we only need a simple method: when publishing an article, always use short titles (maximum 40 characters) that contains all the necessary keywords.

What if short titles are not representatives enough, and we need longer ones? Relax, publish the article with short titles that contains the appropriate keywords first. Then after it is published, edit the article and change the title to a longer and more representatives one.

For example: to publish an article of “How to Remove Links: Newer Post, Home, and Older Post (Blogger)” with good file name, first, we need to set the title to “Remove Newer Post Home Older Post” (33 characters) then publish it. Therefore, the file name will be “remove-newer-post-home-older-post.html” (containing all the keywords).

Next step, edit the post, and change the title to “How to Remove Links: Newer Post, Home, and Older Post (Blogger / Blogspot)”. The file name will not change, but the title will be longer and more representative.

Any question?