How To Change Numerous Tags To Entities Easily

In blogging, writing posts explaining and showing html tags is something common, such as in ‘tips’ and ‘how to’s. However, we cannot simply copy and paste the tags complete with their mark-ups < and > to our posts, since browsers will consider them as real tags and therefore do not show them along with the texts. To show them in our posts, the tags have to be written in entities. In addition, without the right method, changing tags (especially in large numbers) to entities can be painful. Relax, there is a solution for this.

Entities are html codes that draw certain characters. For example to show <tag> inside our post, we have to write it &lt;tag&gt; . If you only have a handful number of tags to transfer into entities, it is a breeze since you can change them manually (one by one). If your posts are full of them, it is a disaster if you use the same method.

To overcome this matter, we need writing software that provides some kind of tool of “find and replace”. All we need to do is find “<” or “>” and replace it with “&lt;” or “&lt;”. If the tool has the button “replace all”, everything will be done in less than one second.

Microsoft Office Word 2003 is a good example of such software. I personally use it myself, and it really helps a lot when I need to write a long post full of explanation and direction on tags. It also has “replace all” button that is very useful.

You can also use another softwares to do it, the key is it has to provide the tool of "find and replace". It will be even better if it has "replace all" button as well.